Women's Balance

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Therapeutic Actions

Treats PMS with abdominal bloating and breast swelling, menstrual irregularity, and menopausal distress, including mild cramps
Relieves mild depression
Useful in treating hepatitis and liver cirrhosis
Can treat liver fire headaches
Consider for Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS)

Chinese Therapeutic Effects
Invigorates congested liver qi
Strengthens spleen qi
Nourishes liver blood and yin
Harmonizes the liver and spleen

Internal: 2 to 3 tablets TID, between meals 
90 tablets, 750 mg., 15 day supply

Ingredients: Bupleurum root (chai hu), Tang Kuei root (dang gui), White Peony root (bai shao), Salvia root (dan shen), Poria sclerotium (fu ling), White Atractylodes rhizome (bai zhu), Cyperus rhizome (xiang fu), Citrus peel (chen pi), Moutan root bark (mu dan pi), Gardenia fruit (zhi zi), Ginger rhizome (gan jiang), Licorice root (gan cao)

This product is not intended for use by pregnant women.

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