Tart Cherry 500 mg 10:1 Extract Veggie Caps

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Tart Cherry 500 mg 10:1 Extract Veggie Caps

The modern diet is rich in meat, dairy products, and seafood. While these foods are rich in protein, they also contain compounds known as purines. Purines are perfectly healthy in moderate amounts, but can cause health challenges when they reach excessive levels. Purines are normally metabolized efficiently into uric acid and excreted by the kidneys, but the kidneys may be impaired or become overwhelmed by excessive levels. When uric acid crystals build up in tissues such as joints, muscles and skin, they can become inflamed and painful. Potent natural antioxidants such as those found in tart cherry extract, grape seed extract and celery seed extract, may help support the body’s normal, healthy response to inflammation. Anthocyanins in tart cherry, oligomeric proanthocyanins (OPCs) in grape seed extract, and 3-nbutylphthalide in celery seed extract are among the most supportive antioxidants available when the body is challenged by excessive levels of uric acid.

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