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FiberPro 340 gm - 12 oz | Karuna Health - Multi-source fiber blend for optimum gastrointestinal and metabolic function.*

Soluble fibers retard the *absorbency of dietary carbohydrates, thus aiding in the regulation of blood sugar and insulin.*
Soluble fibers bind bile acids and inhibit the absorption of dietary cholesterol, both of which contribute to the regulation of blood cholesterol and lipids.*
Insoluble fibers act as peristaltic stimulants, hastening evacuation, regulating bowel function and reducing bowel transit time, which minimizes the exposure of colonic epithelium to potentially toxic chemicals.*
FiberPro provides an array of twelve food fibers, both soluble and insoluble, including cellulose, hemicellulose, pectins, gums, mucilages, beta glucans and lignins, along with special fructooligosaccharide carbohydrates which nourish beneficial intestinal microorganisms.*
FiberPro’s neutral-tasting granules mix readily with water or juice.*

Product label
FiberPro 340 gm - 12 oz | Karuna Health

Total dietary fiber* 6.6 grams

As Approximately:
Soluble fiber 60%
Insoluble fiber 40%

* from blond psyllium husk, oat fiber, guar gum, rice bran, beet fiber, soy fiber, apple fiber, flax fiber, barley fiber, fructooligosacharides, aloe vera, dried plum, and flavored with natural orange flavor and fructose

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