Elderberry With Echinacea & Propolis

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Elderberry With Echinacea & Propolis

Elderberries have been a part of the human medicine chest on multiple continents for millennia. Thick juices and concentrated syrups have soothed the body and helped support normal immunity during countless cold and flu seasons. Elderberry extracts have recently attracted the attention of the medical researchers, where some studies have shown they may help support the body during periods of discomfort associated with colds and flus. One group of antioxidant compounds found in elderberry extracts called anthocyanins help support the body’s natural balance of immune cytokines, which naturally helps support immunity. Echinacea has likewise been used by societies for centuries. Echinacea has a great deal in common with elderberry, including an abundance of potent antioxidants, the ability to help support the natural balance of immune cytokines, and an ability to support immune health and function in general. Propolis is a resinous material produced by bees from parts of plants to help heal fractures, gaps and other openings in their hives. It turns out that propolis also helps prevent other potential injuries to the hive that would be caused by viruses, bacteria, fungus, and molds. Hundreds of scientific studies show that the same mixture of antioxidant flavonoids, amino acids, enzymes and fatty acids that keep the hive free of microbes may also help support the health of the human body as well.

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