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Corvalen® Chews are an all natural D-ribose supplement clinically proven to help restore and replenish core
energy. D-ribose is a natural pentose sugar that is designed for the support of cardiovascular health, fatigue,
energy production, and mitochondrial function†. Corvalen® chewable tablets are great tasting with natural
orange/vanilla flavoring sweetened with xylitol, and readily absorbed into the body.

Corvalen® contains pure D-ribose, a safe and clinically researched ingredient that supports the natural way
our bodies produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy currency of the cell. †Ribose is the vital
structural backbone of critical cellular compounds called purines and pyrimidines. Our bodies must have an
adequate supply of purines and pyrimidines to form major cellular constituents such as our genetic material
(DNA and RNA), numerous cofactors, certain vitamins, and, importantly, adenosine triphosphate (ATP).
Ribose is the starting point for the synthesis of these fundamental cellular compounds, and the availability of
ribose determines the rate at which they can be made by our cells and tissues.
D-ribose is a structural component of DNA, RNA, ATP, GTP, flavins (FAD, riboflavin) and other important
nucleotides found in all living cells. Ribose is formed naturally via the pentose phosphate pathway. This
pathway is slow and rate-limited in cardiac and skeletal muscle due to an inherently low concentration (lack of
expression) of the enzymes, glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase and 6-phosphogluconate dehydrogenase.
The product of this pathway is ribose-5-phosphate, which in turn is converted to 5-phosphoribosyl-1-
pyrophosphate (PRPP), the primary driver in the synthesis and salvage of purine nucleotides. No other
compound can be used by the body for this metabolic purpose. Purine nucleotides (ATP and its precursors)
lost due to ischemia, hypoxia, or genetic predisposition are replaced via the purine nucleotide pathway. This
pathway is rate limited by the availability of ribose in tissue. Administration of exogenous ribose bypasses the
rate-limiting steps in the pentose phosphate pathway, resulting in a significant acceleration of PRPP.
Renewed concentration of ATP is accompanied by an increased energy potential in the cell, also known as the
“energy charge.” Cardiac and skeletal muscle functions (i.e. contraction, cell wall maintenance, relaxation,
polarization of the cell membrane) each require a different, quantifiable energy charge to drive or provide
allosteric regulation for each function. Restoration of cellular energy charge restores function consistent with
the degree of energy charge restored.
D-ribose is indicated for sports and fitness activities because it helps to reduce the loss of energy during stress
and accelerate energy and tissue/muscle recovery†. Endurance athletes and strength training athletes may
both benefit from the effects of supplemental D-ribose.
Unless our hearts have an adequate supply of ribose, they simply cannot satisfy their astonishing energy
demand. Our bodies make ribose naturally, but in times of stress the need is greater than our supply to satisfy
the loss of energy from our cells. That is why supplementing with d-ribose can support proper heart function
and helps maintain healthy stroke volume during and after high intensity exercise†. A study by Olman et al. in
2003 showed beneficial effects on diastolic function and quality of life in compromised patients after only 3
weeks of supplemental D-ribose. Although D-ribose is a five-carbon monosaccharide, it does not raise blood
sugar. Corvalen® D-ribose is non-GMO. D-ribose is rapidly and readily (~95%) absorbed with peak blood
levels found within 30 – 45 minutes. Ribose not taken up by the cell is excreted unchanged in the urine.
Corvalen® D-ribose is GRAS (generally recognized as safe), a determination that results only after
considerable toxicology studies are performed and an expensive and time consuming FDA process is
Corvalen® Chews

Xylitol is a naturally occurring carbohydrate. It is found in fibrous vegetables and fruit. Xylitol is only slowly
absorbed and partially utilized; therefore a reduced calorie claim is allowed: 40% less than other
carbohydrates. In addition, the body does not require insulin to metabolize xylitol. A number of studies have
shown that xylitol actually interferes with bacteria's ability to adhere to body tissues (especially in the mouth
and nasal passages). Furthermore, xylitol has the unique effect of diminishing bacteria's ability to produce
biofilm – thereby making the bacteria more susceptible to natural immune system defenses. Regular use of
xylitol may help prevent plaque from gaining hold on dental surfaces.

Corvalen® Chews are natural D-ribose chewable tablets clinically proven to help restore energy, support
cardiac function and reduce muscle stiffness, soreness, and fatigue. †

FORMULA (#201245)
One chewable tablet contains:
Calories .................................................10
Total Carbohydrates.............................. 2 g
Sugars (from D-Ribose)................... 1.67 g
Sugar Alcohol .................................... 0.5 g
D-Ribose.......................................... 1.67 g
Other ingredients: Xylitol, cellulose, hydroxypropylcellulose, natural orange and vanilla flavors, citric acid,
mannitol, vegetable stearate, stearic acid, natural palm wax(Copernicia prunifera), and silica.

Usual dosage: Take one chewable tablet one to three times daily with food.
Alternative dosage: 1-3 chewable tablets just before and just after exercise or physical activity.

CAUTIONS: Mild, transient hypoglycemia may occur if taken on an empty stomach. Insulin dependent
diabetics and pregnant women should consult their physician before use. Ribose may cause a transient
increase in uric acid levels; therefore those that have chronic gout should consult their physician before use.

No adverse effects have been reported.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. Keep out of reach of children

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