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Therapeutic Actions

Take as a pleasant tasting tea to reduce appetite and improve digestion; should be used with Astra 18 Diet
Use as an invigorating energy tonic

Chinese Therapeutic Effects
Circulates Qi
Resolves stomach phlegm
Tonifies Qi
Regulates stomach and spleen

Internal: One cup of tea, 1/2 hour before each meal; or anything as a sweet tasting substitute for sweets 
Take with Astra 18 Diet 
16 teabags, net wt. 1.13 oz., 5 day supply

Contraindications: Avoid taking before bedtime because of energizing and diuretic effects

Peppermint leaf (bo he), Eleuthero root (ci wu jia), Ginger rhizome (gan jiang), Loquat leaf (pi pa ye), Perilla leaf (zi su ye), Lophatherum leaf (dan zhu ye)

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