Chromium Picolinate 250 mcg

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Chromium Picolinate 250 mcg.
Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Chromium Picolinate 250 mcg. is a trace element supplement that contains chromium bound to picolinic acid,
a highly biologically active form of this mineral.
Chromium is an essential trace mineral that potentiates insulin action and thus influences carbohydrate,
protein, and fat metabolism. The biologically active form of chromium, sometimes called glucose tolerance
factor (GTF), occurs naturally in brewers yeast. GTF has been proposed to be a complex of chromium,
nicotinic acid (vitamin B-3), and possibly the amino acids glycine, cysteine, and glutamic acid. Although many
attempts have been made to isolate or synthesize natural GTF, none have been entirely successful. Adequate
chromium nutrition is essential for the formation of GTF and subsequent control of blood glucose levels.
Studies have shown that supplemental chromium may be useful for the maintenance of healthy blood sugar.
Chromium appears to act by increasing insulin binding, insulin receptor numbers, and rate of insulin receptor
phosphorylation. Chromium absorption is typically less than 2% efficient and variable depending on its
chemical form. Studies have demonstrated that chromium picolinate has a bioavailability comparable to that of
chromium polynicotinate, and higher than that of chromium chloride. Tissues retain anywhere from 2 to 8
times more chromium from chromium picolinate compared to chromium chloride. The typical dietary chromium
intake in the U.S. can vary considerably depending on eating habits. Meats and unrefined whole grain cereal
products, especially bran, are good sources of chromium. However, most self-selected diets contain less than
50 mcg per day, which is below the minimum of the Estimated Safe and Adequate Daily Dietary Intake
established by the National Research Council, Food and Nutrition Board. Chromium requirements may be
increased with high intake of refined carbohydrates and simple sugars, strenuous physical exercise or work,
infection, or physical trauma.
Chromium Picolinate 250 mcg. may be useful as a daily supplement for individuals who wish to supplement
their intake of chromium or who have a demonstrated need for supplemental chromium in its active form due to
dietary deficiency or impaired metabolism.
FORMULA (#7417)
Each Capsule Contains:
Chromium (Picolinate) .................................................. 250 mcg
Adults take 1 capsule daily or as directed by physician.
No adverse side effects have been reported.
Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct light. Keep out of reach of children

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